Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 26 - RESULTS (And Progress Pics)

It was officially six months since I started my weight-loss program on Sunday - what is the tally so far?

STARTING WEIGHT:   225.9 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  222.3 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  3.6 lbs

I'm very happy indeed with this weekly loss, which is above my target for one week, despite me still not having been for a run.

To put it in perspective, my loss for last week is exactly the same as I dropped in the preceding 4 weeks - evidence (if any were needed) that my summer holidays have really put a dent in my efforts. Not much of one though, as I've carried on losing, and evidently still have it in me to record substantial weekly losses. I have now dropped below 16 (UK) stone for the first time in YEARS, and am only a hair's breadth away from the 75% mark.

Also, yesterday marked the 6-month anniversary for me and my new healthier lifestyle - hooray! I thought it would be interesting to look at how much weight I have lost in each of the six months since I started:

1st Month:    -20.5 lbs
2nd Month:   -10.6 lbs
3rd Month:   -17.0 lbs
4th Month:   -11.1 lbs
5th Month:   -10.3 lbs
6th Month:   -5.3 lbs

That last month sticks out like a sore thumb (to me, anyway). Granted, the slower rate of loss could be due to the fact that my base metabolic rate has dropped (due to all the weight already lost), but I think its more indicative of the reduced effort and focus I have had. I'd like to think that this coming month I might once again be able to record a 10lb+ loss, but I think I'd be happy as long as it wasn't lower than the result for Month 6.

Anyway, as its another month end, below you'll see today's photos compared with the ones at the start of the program. I have also included a headshot comparison this time, in honour of the 6-month milestone!

74.8 lbs

222.3 lbs  
222.3 lbs
222.3 lbs


  1. Great job at losing. I'm not the best at exercise but I'm getting a little better. Hope you can get back to running. :)

  2. OMG... is that a smile?!?!?! I think it is!!! ;)

    You look amazing, and I am sure you feel amazing too!! Keep up the great work!!

  3. That side view always blows me away! Congrats, you have come so incredibly far.