Monday, December 5, 2011

Weeks 39 and 40 - RESULTS

Time doesn't just fly, it hurtles past faster than the speed of light!

STARTING WEIGHT:   217.0 lbs

WEEK 39 WEIGHT:  217.4 lbs

WEIGHT GAIN:    0.4 lbs

WEEK 40 WEIGHT:  216.8 lbs

 WEIGHT LOSS:    0.6 lbs

OK, first up yet more apologies for the HUGE gap of almost three weeks since my last post. I'm afraid its just a case of the real world catching up to me. I'm into my final few weeks of this term before the Christmas break, and deadlines that were always manageably far away suddenly loomed on the horizon, and required my immediate attention.

I haven't been running once in the last three weeks. I've been spending almost every hour available either working on projects or essays, labouring my way through PowerPoint, or giving presentations. Its not just been a case of not having time to run - after all, it only takes about an hour or so. But the sleep I need after a run, the hours of rest necessary after that exertion, was a luxury I just couldn't afford. I don't think I've averaged more than 4 hours a night for the last few weeks, and that's compounded into the minimal loss (or rather, a gain then a loss) that I saw in these two weeks. Had I run, I would have been so tired that I wouldn't have been able to manage these crazy hours...a poor excuse I know, but its the only one I have.
I've probably been eating more calories than usual too, again because of the long nights sat in front of the computer, with a steady stream of coffees, RedBulls or sweet treats to try and keep me going. It's frustrating, especially after getting so successfully back into my running regime, to have to let it fall by the wayside, but in this instance, its been unavoidable.
Finally, not running means I've not really been thinking about my weight loss, and when that happens, I tend not to post. I'm not one of those who can post everyday with a stream of consciousness detailing how I'm feeling about my weight etc - I can only ever seem to so it if I think I have something to say! And with my mind focussed elsewhere...I simply haven't had anything to say!

I'll do a separate post later for last week's results, and then I'll be bang up to date. I stuck these two together just as a catch up, and now I will do the results for Week 41 (which was last week), which brings up back onto schedule.

80.3 lbs

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