Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Weeks 2 and 3 - RESULTS

Better late than never? Maybe...

STARTING WEIGHT:   223.6 lbs

Week 2 WEIGHT:  223.0 lbs

WEEK 2 LOSS:    0.6 lbs

Week 3 WEIGHT:  222.8 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    0.2 lbs

I haven't really felt like posting in the last couple of weeks. In fact, I'm surprised its been two weeks - the time has just vanished, and I don't feel like I've done anything for all that time, can't think of any highs or lows, anything I've achieved, anything that would suggest two whole weeks have passed...weird.

We finally have hot water in the flat again, which means I didn't have an excuse for not running anymore. As such, I went out on Sunday night, and it was good to finally be out there again, doing something active for my health. I can't really get away with just the dieting anymore - if I eat too few calories, I just feel tired and sleepy all the time, and that affects my work. If I eat too much...well, without running, that leads to disaster.

I struggled a little with the diet last week, as I wanted to start bringing the calories up, and including some carbs. I've been living on a calorie deficit for so long, that if I try to eat to a normal, healthy 2000 calories a day, I now put on weight! I know I have to do it eventually, so started trying to ease my way back up, but it didn't really work. For some reason, if I even have just a sandwich, I turn into some kind of carb junkie, and find myself piling all manner of crap into my mouth. I was actually at a gain for last week up until Sunday night, when the run managed to bring my weight down, so I recorded a (small) loss instead.

This feels like a very flat post, and I guess I am feeling a little flat at the moment. I'm planning on going for another run tonight, now my legs have stopped aching so much (if I can get my work done in time that is). I was always a lot more enthusiastic about the weight loss when I was running...or maybe its the other way around? That question might be worth a post of its own soon!

2012 Weight Loss: 
2.1 lbs (74.3 total loss)


  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. Right now I'm reading Wheat Belly which is kind of scary but since you mentioned having problems from just eating a sandwich, maybe you should check it out. The last few pounds may go slower than what you've already lost but you can do it. Hang in there. :)

  2. I must have missed this update in my newsfeed when you originally posted it. Today, I came here to see if you had done any updates, and am pleased you did. Better late than never is right because you are one busy guy over there.

    Well, those losses are better than any gains. Maybe just cleaning up the eating to include more fruits and veggies. I like to dip raw veggies in hummus, it's so delicious. It doesn't lead to binges either, it is filling and actually makes me feel good about such a healthy choice. Best wishes.

  3. Brilliant to see an update - your readers fret when you seem to disappear - I know I do. You'll never match your 2011 losses which is probably why you feel a bit flat. Are you sure you still need to lose even more weight?