Sunday, February 12, 2012

D-Day Minus One

My last post tonight, I promise!

Now that I've spent a while talking about the problems and barriers I've been experiencing in the last few months, let's talk about the future, shall we?

At the risk of saying it for the THIRD motivation and energy are always a lot better in the spring, after a dull and lethargic (hell, downright lazy) winter. I swear, somewhere in my evolutionary past is a big, hulking, hibernating bear of an ancestor, and I'm a genetic throwback, I'm sure of it. I could happily do nothing from November to February except sleep, eat, and occasionally scratch myself. But enough of that!

I've been feeling my old appetite for weight loss return over the last few weeks. It's been building slowly, but I've gradually found myself deciding against those big suppers, itching for a run, weighing more often during the week. I thought that maybe this would all build to a head, and I could finally switch gears and get this year going on the anniversary of my weight loss attempt, which hits on February 21st.

However, things have reached a head NOW, and rather than have another week in the doldrums, waiting for the 21st before I start doing this properly again...I have decided to start tomorrow!

From tomorrow, IdleToIdol is back in business.

So what's going to change? In what ways am I going to reignite my weight loss? Here's a few of the things I'm finally feeling energised for:

- WEIGH EVERY DAY. Because I haven't been. At all. For ages. Sometimes I've literally only stepped on the scales on a Monday morning, to see what damage has been wrought the previous week. I know that works for some people, but I do much better when I weigh every day, so starting tomorrow, its the first thing I do in the morning!

- BLOG MORE OFTEN. I've already said that I don't know what I'll write about. I'm toying with the idea of posting every day, even if its just a few sentences, just to make sure I'm thinking about the blog (and therefore my weight-loss) every day. I don't know if I'll manage that, but I certainly don't like the way I've only been doing weigh-in updates every fortnight or so. That's no good. What's the point of blogging if I'm not going to, you know, blog? Watch this space...

- GET BACK INTO EXERCISE. Only one run in 2012 so far. Pitiful. And the real problem is, I haven't been doing anything else to compensate. I would like to run every other day, but I need to do something on the days I'm not running too, either weights, or a series of push-ups, sit-ups etc in my room. That gives me three options to choose from, and even if I don't feel up to a run, I want to make sure I'm doing something each day, even if its just for the psychological boost of being able to tell myself I've done something.

- BRING BACK MY WEEKLY TARGETS. I said that I'd do without them this year...well, see how well that turned out? I used to really like the feeling of having a little challenge each week, a little target to aim for. I want to get that feeling back, so when I weigh in tomorrow morning, I'm going to have a look and see if I can find a suitable new target date, that gives me a manageable weekly target. With 25+ lbs still to lose and my rate of weight loss slowing, I think it'll be quite a long-term plan, but I'll decide in the morning.

So there it is! I should also point out that this new energy isn't just being funnelled into my weight loss. I have a brand new chart on my wall with all kinds of things I now plan on achieving, be it on a day-to-day basis, or by this time next month etc. I'm finally feeling confident that I can do this again. Let's get to it!


  1. Sounds like you're back and I look forward to hearing how you do along the way. Just posting a few lines and maybe reading a few blogs each day might help you in the motivation. I'm looking forward to spring for sure. :)

  2. Thanks Caron! Yeah, I've been drifting for quite a few weeks now, but finally I actually FEEL the fresh start (the fresh start on the blog a few weeks ago was an attempt to force my energy and motivation up, but it didn't really work!).

    Hopefully if I can blog a little every day, it will make me better at reading the other blogs too - I always used to find it good for my enthusiasm, so definitely want to start it up again!

  3. I was trying to see where I left off, I know I've read this post already. I guess I didn't comment, but now I know I'm up to speed on your blog. Good to know! I like seeing your enthusiasm again. You're such a rockstar and always a good read, keep it up!!