Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken or Egg Scenario

I have already mentioned it in a previous post, but I always find that my motivation, my energy, and my general mood, all seem to wane during the winter. It struck me as odd when I finally made the connection, as I've always considered myself as more comfortable in the cold than the hot, and December packs in my birthday, Christmas AND New Year's Eve. What's not to like?

None the less, I have frequently found that plans I make and follow during spring and summer hit a wall during the winter. My last attempt at weight loss before the current one I am blogging about, started in a summer and progressed really well until Christmas time, when I lost all my progress and in fact ended up heavier than I was before I started.

The same thing has happened this time around, although on a smaller scale. I have hardly been posting, I have hardly been running, I have paid very little attention to what I have been eating, and the pattern of my weight-loss has been small losses for a period of weeks, followed by one big gain to take me right back to where I started. Two steps forward, one leap back. I have been losing the same 10 pounds for months now!

It got me wondering - do I stop posting on my blog because my motivation is gone, and I'm not thinking about my weight loss any more...or, does my motivation fade because I stop blogging, and therefore stop thinking about my weight loss on a regular basis? Which comes first? Chicken, or egg?

I really want to start blogging more regularly again. Part of the problem is just that I've run out of things to say - when I began, I could fill posts with how I was putting myself down in the past, how my new program of weight loss was benefiting me etc etc. But that's all been said now, and nearly a year in,  I feel I've got everything off my chest that I wanted to. So what now? What do I actually blog about? I don't see myself as one of those who blogs about different exercises I've done at the gym (as I don't use one), or one that lists the different recipes and diets I've been using (as I tend to follow a very similar diet day to day). It's been bugging me for a while, trying to work out what to do with IdleToIdol...and I still don't have a solution!

However, I have one more post to make this evening. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, and expect to be blogging a lot more regularly from here on out. You have been warned!


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  1. I have similar issues about what to blog about. I am in total awe of people who post daily, but usually it involves non-weight loss related things going on in their life, plus a bit of weight things to top it off.

    Weekly is just too hard for me, I think maybe 2-3 times a month is best.

    Anyway, there is no rule that you need to post weekly. You're on my RSS reader. When you post, I'll read it, guaranteed. If you don't post for 3 weeks maybe I'll notice.

    I do understand about the whole chicken and egg thing, it's hard to post saying that you haven't lost recently.