Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hard Mode

After my run on Tuesday night, I was quite excited when I stepped on the scales Wednesday morning. That soon turned to disappointment when I saw the figure had barely dropped.

Of course, I might have been expecting too much - after all, it was my first run in...what, about a month? And only my second of the year. Even so, I was expecting to see slightly more. For the rest of Wednesday I watched what I was eating, but then went out with a friend in the evening, and had a few drinks. It wasn't a long night though (it was a Wednesday, after all!), and after watching my calorie intake during the day, I figured I could still shed a little, or at least maintain the same weight.

When I weighed-in this morning, my weight had gone back up again! I'm still at a slight loss for the week so far, but after a few days of calorie restriction and a good run, the loss is no different from what I've been seeing over the last few weeks, with no running and barely watching my food!

Of course, I'm not reading too much in to it at this stage - I know my new weight-loss push is still in its early days, and after losing so much last year, I accept that the going will be slower for my last few pounds. But still, I'd have expected to at least lose a little more than I have been when making minimal effort!

Over the winter, this seeming lack of progress would have knocked my motivation and probably put me off exercise and dieting for a while. But not any more! Now, I really want to get a few more runs in this week, and MAKE myself lose more weight - I'll be really disappointed if I don't reach my target loss in my first week of aiming for it! Frustratingly I don't have time to run this evening, as I'll be working for a few more hours. However, I can definitely get a run in on Friday and Sunday night, and might even see if I'm up for a Saturday run as well. I WILL reach my target weight for this week, I WILL!

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