Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rediscovering the Groove

So in the end, I didn't go for a run last night. How's that for commitment, eh?

Luckily I made up for it today. I got in 4 miles of walking to and from the hospital this morning, and I just got back in from a 4 mile run. It's only my second of the year so far, which is pretty shocking really, but I'm hoping to improve on that in the coming weeks, as my new motivation and drive kicks in.

I really think I need to start warming down more effectively though, or at least look up how to do it properly. The first run of this year left me sore, stiff and grumpy for almost a week afterwards. I'm going to do some stretches now, and then have a hot shower, as ideally I'd like to get another run in on Thursday, and a third on Saturday, but I know that will depend on my legs actually being able to take it!

Slightly frustrated that, at some point between my first 2012 run and this evening, I seem to have stood on the screen of the small iPod I use for my running songs. It still plays fine, but I used to use the track lengths to see how long each run took (put the playlist on shuffle and don't skip any tracks, then add up the total length of all the tracks played, and voila, you're time!). I can't do that easily anymore, but luckily I can still just about make out the track names on what's left of the screen, so I had to check their running times in my iTunes!

As I don't plan on running tomorrow evening, I need to think of something else to do exercise-wise. I might just take some extra walking mileage, as I'm due to head out to a comedy club to see an old friend do some stand-up. It's one of the invites I would have summarily ignored in the past, but ANOTHER part of my new drive this spring (outside of the weight loss) is to do more with my time. Rather than days on end sitting in front of my laptop, I want to start getting out there more and having some fun. Of course, being in a bar presents its own challenges to any weight loss attempt, so I will check in with how it all went tomorrow evening!

Oh, and just a quick note to any singleton's out there, or even those of you who aren't...


It's a day I've been more or less ignoring for several years now, and in the past my weight and subsequent lack of confidence was certainly one of the reasons I scorned it, and all those who enjoyed themselves on February 14th - pure bald envy on my part of course! So this year, to anyone who openly enjoys today, to anyone who pretends to hate it but would actually be happy to receive a Valentine, or to you true-blue haters of all things heart-shaped...

Know that Headspace loves ya x


  1. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day and they only get better each year from here on out for you. You are going to make some lucky girl very happy one day.

    Although I'm in a very good relationship with a great guy, I told him to skip all the crap that is VDay (or VD as I call it). I also hate the word 'Romantic' when discussing any lovely or kind acts. I read too much history and see most of today's trends and traditions as irony at its finest. I'm strange like that though! ;)