Friday, June 29, 2012

The Angry Run

I went for a run at last on Wednesday night. Its been quite hot here in London over the last few days, and being summer, the sun doesn't start to set until quite late in the evening. I've never been a fan of running during the day, as I'm still self-conscious about it. As such, I try to exercise either early in the morning (which I haven't managed to do for goodness knows how long), or later in the evening when the sun has gone down. That's harder these days, as I have to stay up until sunset!

Still I went out. Part of the self-consciousness means I'm still not comfortable running in just shorts and a T-shirt, as I don't like the way I wobble, so I still put on quite heavy running gear - full-length jogging bottoms, a heavy hooded jumper and a woolen hat. It was still warm out even after the sun had set too, so I very hot for the duration - don't think I've sweated so profusely for a while!

Having not exercised for so long, I felt pretty puffed out after only a couple of miles. Luckily, I was so angry at myself for having left it so long between runs that I carried on regardless. I told myself I would just try to do my old distance of 4 miles, but as I neared the end I remembered that about a month ago, when I last exercised properly, I had managed to get a 7-mile run done, and had promised that my normal distance would be increased to 5 miles.

I was really ready for a rest, but I decided to press on anyway, and I was very proud that I actually managed to achieve my 5 mile distance. I was particularly slow, I have to say, but at least I got it done, and I plan on trying to head out for another one tonight.

It did make me sleep better, but the problem now is that I need more sleep than I can actually timetable for! Every day I'm just in fear of my looming exams - there's so much I need to revise, or in some cases just straight-up learn, as different tutors have different specialties and really just teach us what they know. I won't even be able to relax after the exams either, as I'll be waiting to see if I need to do any of the second block of tests too. Sigh. We'll see!


  1. Nice push!! I know the "angry run" feeling all too well. It's amazing what a little anger can make us do! Congrats on the 5 miler!
    Be careful going out in all that clothing - you don't want to over heat yourself. Maybe the pants and a tee? Could you at least forgo the hat? :-)

  2. Thanks Kelliann! I have actually reduced my clothing from what I used to wear - no more woolen gloves, no more long sleeves, and no more third layer on top of my jumper! Shocking to think I used to wear all that, and although I like working up a sweat, you're right in that I have to be careful. On hot days I always wait until late evening, when its cooler!