Friday, July 6, 2012


Good evening folks!

Just got back in from another run - only my first this week, which isn't too great, but I managed my 5 mile distance again, so its definitely becoming my standard distance now, which is good. I've already knocked 4 minutes off my time since last Monday, and part of it is, I think, because I moved the 'extra' mile to the start of the run, rather than the end. When I used to run 4 miles, I knew where the half-way point was, and everything after that just felt like 'going home'. Now, with an extra mile tacked onto the beginning, that 'half-way' point is actually three miles into my five mile distance, so actually more than half way! I think that's giving me just a little boost at the end.

Anyway, as usual I am posting whatever it was that side-stepped into my mind while I was running. Tonight, I was ruminating on the fact that, over the last few months, I've had a series of 2-3 good weeks, followed by 2-3 weeks of total absence. I realised this evening that, both times I've disappeared and stopped exercising/blogging, its been after one of my big exercise-challenge Marathon Weeks.

What I think has been happening is, by exercising hard every night for a week, I've literally drained my batteries, and so after those big events my body (and mind) has gone into recuperate mode, and I've spent a few weeks afterwards eating too much and resting from exercise.

I'm glad I've realised this now, as my exams are coming up in the next few weeks, and I had tentatively planned to have another big Marathon Week challenge once they were over. Instead, I think I'm going to just stick with trying to exercise 2-3 times a week. You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race...


  1. And "they" are right. Staying steady and consistent will get you the results you want. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Yeah, this strategy seems the best idea. I've always found it hard to maintain exercise when I'm doing it a lot then I lose interest completely and don't do any for weeks/months.

  3. Thanks guys. I used to enjoy the 'power weeks' back when the weight was falling off, and I was scoring multi-pound losses every week. But I'm into the 'marathon' or 'stamina' phase of loss now, where sprinting for the finish just sets me back. I'm coming to terms with the lower weekly losses now though, so the future is bright...